An open letter from the Chair of our Foundation … 

Nearing the end of 2014, I want to report to you on what a vintage year this has been for your Stratford Perth Heritage Foundation.

On taking office last April, your new Board and Arboretum Committee joined members and volunteers in raising activity and development to new levels, building stronger communication links with members.

The Foundation’s new website (at offers comprehensive coverage of Foundation activities and programs. Watch for new posts that will keep you up to date on all our activities, as well as items promoting an interest in the heritage of Perth County. The site has been viewed more than 2,600 times by visitors across Perth County and beyond since it was launched in October.

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What the Cooper Site might become …


Here’s what the Cooper site might look like based on six proposals put forward by urban planning students at the Stratford campus of the University of Waterloo Thursday night, December 11:

The six proposals would retain most or all of the Grand Trunk Railway locomotive repair shop structure. “Why tear it down?” asked one student. Most presentations favoured mixed-use development with retail, commercial and office space on the ground floor and one-to-three bedroom rental apartments, or lofts, on second and third floors. Individual plans moved the YMCA and library into the building. One included a grocery store. Still another called for a bridge linking the repair shop structure to the third floor of the university campus building;

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Sale of Stratford Country Club approved

Gateman-Milloy Inc. of Kitchener will pay $3.15 million and assume up to $1.9 million in liabilities to acquire all assets of the 101-year-old Stratford Country Club.

Some 400 shareholders attending a special meeting at the country club Friday night passed four resolutions paving the way for completion of the deal by January 31, 2015.

The company will cover the club’s closing costs to complete the transaction. It will seek to retain current staff and freeze fees for current members. (Life members will be compensated for time remaining calculated on the basis of current membership fees.) The company is committed to making significant investments that will improve the course and clubhouse over the next five years.

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Photo contest queries

In answer to some recent queries concerning the photo contest:
– Any photo appearing on the site will be credited to the photographer;
– All entries become property of the Foundation for the purpose of displaying them on the website or at open houses at Fryfogel Tavern next summer. You retain all other rights;
– Photos may be any size but resolution needs to be 300 dots per inch (dpi) or better;
– Wide angle or panoramic shots work best if you would like to see your photo(s) on the slider at the top of our home page;
– Please do not use Photoshop or other methods to enhance your photos.

Best of luck!

Shareholders to decide fate of Stratford Country Club


Future of the 100-year-old Stratford Country Club (SCC) lies in the hands of shareholders called to attend a special meeting at the club on Friday, November 28 at 6:30 p.m.

Shareholders will be asked to consider, and “if thought fit,” pass a resolution or resolutions approving the sale of some, or all, assets of the country club.

The notice signed by club secretary Dom Gaffney added that “a description of the matters to be submitted to the meeting will be forwarded to all shareholders as early as possible before the meeting.”

The Stratford Country Club’s Board of Directors earlier asked Stratford Police to investigate irregularities in the club’s accounts, and disclosed that the club owes more than $1 million to a bank, Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) and bond holders. The club needs to come up with ways to repay the debt or find a buyer by January 31, 2015.

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Membership form revised for 2015

Those seeking to join or renew memberships in the Stratford Perth Heritage Foundation or Friends of the Fryfogel Arboretum for 2015 will fill out a new membership form replacing two separate forms used previously.

“The new form will make it easier to administer membership and activities undertaken by the Foundation as well as the Arboretum,” said Eric Adams, Chair of the Stratford Perth Heritage Foundation.

Basic membership (family included) remains at $25 for 2015.

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