The War Brides of Perth County – May 2009


The Foundation teamed up with the Stratford Perth Museum in 2006 to honour Perth war brides in a 40-page book titled The War Brides of Perth County.

Starting with fewer than a dozen names, the list of war brides living in the county grew to more than 40. A team of interviewers set out to collect personal stories from all war brides. War brides and their families were honoured at a gala luncheon in May, 2007. Photos, documents and artifacts were displayed in a major exhibit which followed at the museum.

The War Brides of Perth County was launched at public libraries in Stratford, Mitchell and Listowel over three days in April, 2007. War brides handed copies to officials at each library. The initial press run of 1,000 copies quickly ran out and consideration was being given to an added press run for wider distribution over a longer period.