My long-haul flight from London to Canada had been canceled – here’s what I did

Cancelled long haul flight

There is only one thing that I hate more than having my flight delayed: seeing it canceled altogether. This time, the situation was even bleaker since I was about to board a transatlantic trip from London and all the way to Stratford, Perth in Canada. For a moment, it seemed like there nothing good would come out of it, but I managed to turn my luck around.

Leaving London, UK

If you are like me, a regular transatlantic passenger of well-known airlines, you will understand my trouble. Most flights between the Old World and North America last around 8 hours. Preparing for it normally takes around 2 days. Next, you spend 2-4 days recovering from jetlag when you get to the other side of the pond.

This type of journey is not one that you take likely, and surely not one that you want to miss. The entire process may be stressful especially for people like me who have a hard time waking up for an early morning flight. Therefore, leaving cloudy London, UK is always a period of tension for me.

Routes to Perth County, Canada

There are little over 38,000 people living in Perth County, according to the country’s latest census. It may seem that there aren’t many reasons to travel to this small part of Southern Ontario. However, several airlines are eager to get Europeans here every week.

Perth County is a typical agricultural area in Canada. Most of the Europeans who visit this area are investors looking for profitable agribusiness deals. Some of them find the rich offerings of the region a good enough reason to establish an enterprise with international funding. This way, they begin a long-term traveling schedule between Europe and Canada.

Under the weather in Stratford

Stratford is the seat of Perth County and the birthplace of internet sensation Justin Bieber. A large percentage of the 31,000 people living in this city have European descent. Their forefathers came here from Germany, England, Ireland, and Scotland in the early 19th century.

While it is not among Canada’s top tourist attractions, Stratford still has plenty of exciting spots and events in its offering. Visitors can attend here the famous Stratford Shakespeare Festival and engage in fun winter sports. The weather in Stratford welcomes all sorts of activities as it oscillates from 78°F in the summer to 14°F in the coldest days of winter.

Making the best out of a canceled flight

I had the unpleasant surprise of seeing my flight from London to Canada canceled. I was disappointed after spending several days of mental preparation for both the long flight and the ensuing jetlag.

At that point it doesn’t matter if you travel to Stratford, Perth to do business or as part of a symbolic pilgrimage to Bieber’s nursery home. The letdown of having to remain grounded is unbearable. Fortunately, I found the ideal service that would support my claim, compensate my loss and take some of the pain out of seeing my trip annulled.